Krystel Leal
Digital Marketing
  • Name: Krystel Leal

  • City: Palo Alto, California

  • Work: Freelancer in Digital Marketing and Content Creation, Entrepreneur and Future-Futurist

  • Contact: [email protected]

Krystel Leal, Digital Marketing Freelancer

In 2015, I was 24 years old, and I was living, studying, and working in Paris. Alone, I was already independent, and I already had everything that seemed to indicate that I had total control of my life. But no. I was coming home tired every day and wondering if adult life was really "just" that. I found some people having the best of their lives and doing what the work that they seem to like it, from places where they really wanted to be. I wanted to understand if it was possible for me too. And it was. It is.

In less than 15 months, I create my activity from scratch in the field of ​​Communication, the area that I was studying at that time. I took advantage of my academic knowledge, added the passion and interest in digital, and fed this combination with training and certifications. Five years after I started working like this, as a freelancer in digital marketing, I still love what I do: helping entrepreneurs and online projects to position themselves with clarity, intelligence, and relevance in digital.

In 2016, the year that I became a full-time freelancer in digital marketing, I also created the Nomadismo Digital Portugal project. This project allows me to help people that want to create a professional activity adapted to what they want to live.

Today I live in Palo Alto, California, in the center of Silicon Valley. I work entirely remotely for my clients around the world. Right now, I am taking several training courses in entrepreneurship and futurism.

Main Services

Website Creation

I create websites, blogs, and online stores, adapted to the present and future of the project.


I create genuine content optimized to be found by the readers on Google at the right moment of their journey (SEO Optimization).


I manage and create strategic processes for entrepreneurs and content creators that are launching digital content such as courses, workshops, products, or online services.


I work on the SEO On-Page (sites and content) and Off-Page SEO strategies (link building and distribution of the content).

Hard Skills

  • Keyword Research

  • WordPress

  • HTML5 and CSS3

  • Photoshop, Illustrator and Adobe XD

Soft Skills

  • Future Thinking

  • Adaptability

  • Autonomy

  • Problem solving


  • Professional

  • Freelancer

    2015 - Today (Remote Work)

    I work with brands and entrepreneurs on their digital presence and on increasing their credibility, conversion, and achieving their goals.

    My core services include creating marketing strategies, content production, SEO optimizations, and creation of digital presences (institutional websites, personal and professional blogs, online stores - HTML, CSS, WordPress, WooCommerce).

  • Founder - Nomadismo Digital Portugal

    2016 - Today (Remote Work)

    First Portuguese project dedicated to the movement of remote work.

    CContent about digital entrepreneurship, freelance, and remote work. I do content writing, production of online courses, workshops, webinars, and organization of events.

  • Business Strategist - BeBold

    2017 - Todat (San Francisco, California)

    BeBold is a consulting company dedicated to the development of Brazilian, Portuguese, and North American projects and brands. It supports companies and individuals to achieve specific goals.

    My tasks include (non-exhaustive list) the organization of professional immersion missions in Silicon Valley, market research and analysis, and strategic planning for small and medium-sized companies.

  • Learning

  • Institute For The Future

    2019 - 2020 (Palo Alto, California)

    Specialization taught by Jane McGonigal, Ph.D. at Stanford University. Modules (with certificates) included in this specialization: Introduction to Futures Thinking, Forecasting Skills, Simulation Skills, Collaborative Foresight, and Urgent Optimism.

  • UNSW Sydney

    2019 - 2020 (Coursera, Online)

    Massive Open Online Course entitled Designing the Future of Work . Online 4-week online course authorized by UNSW Sydney, offered by Coursera.

  • Rock Content

    2016 - 2019 (Online)

    Professional training and certifications: Specialist in Corporate Blogs, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Specialist in Content Production, Inbound Marketing, and Content Marketing.

  • Hubspot

    2016 - 2017 (Online)

    Professional training and certifications: Content Marketing Certification, and Inbound Marketing Certification.

  • Université Sorbonne Nouvelle

    2010 - 2016 (Paris, France)

    Information et Communication academic formation. Voluntary and professional experiences: Head of Communication for the Erasmus Students Association, Head of Digital Communication for the Academic Newspaper and President of the Lusophone Students Association.

Some of my clients

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SEO and Content
Website Creation


I need my breakfast every single morning. I like exotic coffees that mix Brazilian coffee with hazelnut and chocolate and spices (Philz Philtered Soul, I'm looking at you).

I love dogs, even though I have none. I can spend hours watching videos and photographs of puppies.

After six years of living in Paris, today, I live in California, in the Bay Area, where it rarely rains and where a sunny day is just another day. I don't trade the sun for cold weather. I do not like cold weather. I complain a lot when I'm cold. Did you notice that I talk a lot about the weather?

I like to think about the future and to question myself about it. Realizing that I could put this in to use, thanks to the area of ​​Futures Thinking, was a revelation for me: now I have an excuse to think and talk about the Future. I'm studying it!

I like to debate ideas and concepts. I like to be right, but I love it when someone shows that I am not right: it is a sign that I learned something new.

I don't like cinnamon, and it's not worth trying to hide it: I'm going to find it. I love food in general, and if someone takes chocolate or Mexican food from me may be committing a crime - or at least is breaking my heart.

I like photography and video, but I don't like to expose myself - all my visual projects end up being left behind or staying only on my "ideas bucket."

I love to invent things. I love to learn new techniques, tools, and apps. I love to share knowledge and feel that I am also learning in the process. The sensation I like the most? The feeling that my mind is expanding.

And yes, I also love helping people to create their own professional activities in my project Nomadismo Digital Portugal and helping people to develop their brands online with intelligence and relevance. But as you see, what I do is only part of what I am.

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